"Probably the most entertaining and chilling police tale you’ll read this year." 

- John C. Dvorak, co-host of the No Agenda Podcast

This gripping memoir vividly recounts Al Moreno’s rise as a gifted and fearless Los Angeles police officer, surviving gangs and homicidal situations in gritty 1970s urban war zones as he strove to achieve his personal and professional dreams. Packed with unforgettable scenes of both beauty and despair, it culminates in his vocal stand against corruption within the L.A.P.D. and the political retribution that ensued—a dirty internal investigation that unleashed the murderous vendetta of a violent ex-con from the Aryan Brotherhood. The book includes these gripping first-person accounts:

  • Living on the edge to protect the public, in the line of fire each and every day.

  • Confronting upper police management, who cooked the books on crime stats and got away with it.

  • Observing gang violence from the inside out.

  • Avoiding the use of lethal force in life-and-death situations.

  • Becoming the hunted in the cross-hairs of a White Aryan murderer.

  • Seeking to clear his name after getting fired from a corrupt police investigation.


“Probably the most entertaining and chilling police tale you’ll read this year. An incredible romp, surprisingly well-written, fast paced, a serious page turner leading to an eventual tale of woe that anyone who ever worked within any bureaucracy will find disconcerting. A must read.”   – John C. Dvorak, co-host of the No Agenda Podcast

“If you love a street-gritty crime drama set amidst one man’s heroic rise and fall, this is the book for you.  Cinematic in its sweep and tragedy, it also happens to be true – told by police officer who was in the middle of all these events. Sometimes life itself is more compelling that fiction.  Read it now before the movie comes out!”   – Paul David Walker, Fortune 500 leadership coach and author

“Al Moreno's commitment and dedication to the citizens of Los Angeles were always at the forefront of his service. He also had a compassionate side for the victims of gang violence, and at times for the criminals he encountered. When one mentally ill suspect came at him wildly swinging an axe, Al made a split-second decision to shoot him in the legs instead of fatally to the torso. The suspect’s father later thanked Al in court for not killing his son. It’s all here in this book!”  – Frank R. Flores, retired L.A.P.D. sergeant



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